Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What do you do??

going through the kids knitted stuff

It's September already and I've been going through the kids knitted stuff today. I've pulled out all socks, hats, scarfs, mittens and gloves. And have sorted out the ones that have been outgrown or outworn. Then I've ironed on name tags on the one that missed one. And as you can see there's quite a large pile on the floor, but not all has been knitted my be. They have a grandmother, a great grandmother and some of hubby's aunts always give them knitted mittens or socks for Christmas ;)

But for my question - What do you do with all of you knitted stuff that gets outgrown?? Usually things get handed down to the next kid in line here, but with a girl in the middel there is a lot of pink going on... And Endre is not always happy to wear pink ;) So I've sent some away to fleamarkets or secondhand stores - if it's little used.

Outgrown and outworn stuff

This is what got sorted out of the pile above. Not much, but most of it are mittens that have been felted by the snow to some hard, not good to wear mittens. And the one that likes knitted mittens most are Erlend. I'm planning on knitting him a pair of these ;)
I'm not sure if I'll throw any of them in the bin yet. Maybe the mittens, but the hats and scarfs can be ripped and used agian. I guess it will be put in a bag with the ones I sorted out last year...


  1. There are some beautiful things in the "to donate" pile! You are going to make someone very happy- and warm!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of handknits! Any that have sentimental value I put up in the kids memory box in our attic. Or course, they don't have as many knitted items as that. I probably would give away rather than rip out - too lazy to do that.

  3. What a great pile! Those are some adorable knits.

  4. Recycling the yarn from the "slightly used" into some new stuff is a great idea! I have some items that my kids have outgrown. I can't bring myself to toss them out, maybe I will recycle them!

  5. why don't you swap some stuff with bloggers from your country - you have such great items to give, ofcourse someone else will have something for your kids!

  6. I think that even outgrown mittens which are felted by the snow would be needed by homeless/needy people. (Maybe you don't have homeless people in Norway, I'm not sure.) Also, perhaps someone crafty would buy them at a thrift store to felt more and cut into appliques or something. I just hate to think of hand knit things being thrown into the bin...


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