Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow day

Hoping for the sun to come out... She's behind those snowfilled clouds...

We had hoped to see the sun today... She's there behind those snow filled clouds.

A few minutes after we hoped to see the sun...

But the clouds out numbered her... And a few minutes after I took the first picture, it started to snow again...
It's starting to clear up and the forcast looks good, so we're hoping to see her during the weekend :)

Feeding the birds

Endre has fed the birds.

Feeding the birds

And played in the snow


  1. We had a big snow day here this weekend too. Now the sun is out and actually feels warm when it is shining. Hopefully you soon get to feel its warmth too!

  2. Oh, I miss having a bird feeder! That's one of the biggest changes from when I moved from rural Maine to living in the middle of Boston. I can't wait until I move out to the suburbs so I can feed the little guys again. =)

  3. we also have much snow here!! i get such great joy from my little birds that visit my feeder. love stopping by your blog:)

  4. Jeg misunner deg ikke å bo så langt nord, men det er flotte bilder da! ;)
    Vi har jammen meg nok snø i Oslo også... Jeg vil heller ha vår jeg!


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