Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Capture :: Things that start with the letter L

This week the challenge was to take picture of a thing that start with the letter L. Head over to I should be folding laundry for more pictures.

You Capture :: L

I took a picture of these three Letters that went overseas today. Twig and Toadstool is arranging a kiddie pen pal club. All three kids have gotten a pen pal each and they have already written their first letter :) I hope this can motivate them to learn English faster and that they will make great friends with their pen pals. If you want your kids to get a pen pal, it's still a change, they will have it open till Friday.


  1. Wow, real letters, that's a great thing to have your kids do! My duaghter writes to our Compassion child.


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