Saturday, February 12, 2011

You Capture :: Cold


I've been lurking over at I should be folding lundry's and her weekly You Capture photo challenge. But haven't grabed my camera and taken a picture before now ;) The theme for You Capture this week is "Cold".

The sun is finally back :)

This winter have been really cold I think. We've had not just days, but weeks with temperatures down to -20 C and lower. But you learn to live with it, put on lots of layers with clothes (wool) and heads out. On Thursday the sun finally peeked up over the mountain, for a few minutes. But those few minutes felt like heaven, brought out a smile and the winter didn't felt so long, cold and dark anymore. There's no warmth from her yet... But she makes promesis of spring soon :) With the sun and a clear sky comes the cold too. It was -17C the day I took the picture.


  1. Yes. That photo captures cold alright. I'm from Maine and I lived on a pond for a few years and that is most definitely the vista that sends me scurrying for a hot beverage and a warm blanket!

  2. Unner dere virkelig sola igjen! Tror jeg hadde brukt lang tid på å venne meg til at den er borte så lenge.. Nydelig bilde. Fortsatt god helg til deg og dine!

  3. I agree that your picture does capture "cold." It's beautiful.

    You've probably had that John Muir quote in your header forever, but I just read it today. Since we don't live that far from Yosemite, I've always appreciated John Muir and his love of nature. That quote is particularly moving.

    Oh yes, I do agree with you about simple knitting, like ribbing, being almost a zen-like thing. I even read somewhere that it's good for your mind to knit like that.

  4. Amazing photo! I love that the sun has symmetrical points!

  5. herremin.. Det høres bare så forferdelig kaldt ut - og så lenge! Godt ungene dine har jevn ullplaggforsyning!

  6. That is a gorgeous picture. Well done!


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