Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yarn Along :: WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday again and time for Yarn Along and WIP Wednesday. Fall has really come now. It's been raining and blowing and the temperatures is around 10C. There haven't been frost here yet, but I guess it's just around the corner. We are putting on an extra layer of clothes when we're out and I've fired in the oven almost every day the last week. (Somehow I just don't think that sound right... I've fired in the oven - is that right??)

Yarn Along :: WIP Wednesday

Reading: I'm still reading The Shamer Chronicles series and are almost done with the 3rd book. LOVE this series!! It's one of those series you don't want to end, but sadly there is just 4 books in it... In this 3rd book Dina is meeting her father for the first time. Sezuan, a possessor of the Serpent Gift for lie and illusion. And she is about to find out if she has inherited his"gifts" as well.
For the kids I'm reading the same books :) Ruffen is a lovely seaserpent and Endre likes him a lot. The book we have is a book with 5 or 6 stories. But i know you can get some translated into english at amason.
The Shadows (The Books of Elsewhere #1) by Jacqueline West that I'm reading for Eirin, is not so good. I mean I really like these kind of books, but I think some things have gone missing in the translation into norwegian. It feels like there is no flow in the language if I can put it that way. So it's hard to keep her interested in the story... But I'm not giving up, so hopefully it will be a bit more exciting after a few chapters more.
I'm not reading outloud for Erlend, as he is reading himself. But lately there haven't been any books that has made him want to read. Untill I bought the Wimpy kid books (in norwegian) and he read them from start to end without putting them down :)

Knitting: Endre's sweater is almost done. I have a few cm left on the sleeves and I think I have to knit a little more on the body too before I'll start decreasing.
The black jacket for Eirin has not been growing much... I'm not stressing with it as she has a sweater ;) The grey in the front are my Counterpane socks which I finally started for the Year of projects. Love them, but knitting on 2 mm needles is slow. And to the right is a beginning of a shawl. It's the Dragonfly Wings shawl. And I'm knitting it in a beautiful colorway from Candy Skein :) It's a little bit darker than I managed to capture in the pictur below.

So, what are you knitting and reading?


  1. lol maybe you mean fired UP the oven. As in got it going, put it on?
    I'm hoping to join you for Yarn Along today so I'll leave my WIP's for then.

  2. I love the shawl pattern, and that yarn is such a gorgeous colourway. But my favourite is still the robot sweater - I may have to try and make one in my size I love it so much!

  3. I just love those little robots!

  4. wow! incredible intarsia. muy impressivo. i think you fired up your oven : ) sending you some miami sunshine. it's waaaay too hot here! can you send some cold here please?

  5. I love the colour of your shawl! And Endre's sweater is so impressive!

  6. hee hee, it's very sweet, your english is very very good, but it can be confusing!

    beautiful beautiful knitting, every thing looks so lovely! that sweater is amazing.

  7. You "fire up the oven" or "put a fire in the oven" but we understood what you meant.

    I've been enjoying your blog and your English is always understandable and usually very good.


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