Monday, August 20, 2012

Vegetable garden update


Despite a cold and rainy summer our vegetable garden is growing :)
Today the kids just couldn't wait any longer and had to see if the carrots had grown big enough to eat. And they had -  and we are so lucky that we have yellow, orange and purple carrots :)


The purple ones are not so long, but oh the colour! Deep purple and bright orange inside!
I really hope we will have more of these when we harvest the rest later this fall.


Lots of sugar peas. Endre loves to pick a handful to eat when he is out so it's seldom enough to pick for dinner...


Lettuce and radish


I thought my strawberry rhubarb died earlier this summer, but it came back :)


The Borage has totally taken over this place... I never thought it would be so big. And as I now know that it self seed as well I'm going to move it to another part of the garden.


It has beautiful flowers that the bees loves. And it makes the salad look pretty too :)



Both my tomato and cucumber plants that I had in my window died. But one of my paprika plants have these snack paprikas we must taste soon.
I really need to get a greenhouse some day for these kind of vegetables...


  1. Fantastic photos, they are beautiful! What kind of radishes are those? They are so picturesque (ours are longer and skinnier rather than round) The purple carrots are awesome too!

  2. Very lovely! I'm glad your garden is doing so well!

  3. Så mange herlige hagebilder! De gulrøttene var skikkelig kule, sånne vil jeg ha neste år :)


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