Sunday, August 19, 2012

WIP :: Bright and cheerful

Toe-up vanilla socks

I needed something mindless to knit, and to me that's a pair of socks ;) This time a pair of vanilla toe-ups.
Now I'm going to do some unravelling... Remember the two mystery shawls I've been knitting on this summer? Well, neither of them appealed to me... But I guess that's a part of these mystery knittings - you don't know if you will like the end result or not.
Anyway. The yarn I used for Portico (aka TTL mystery shawl) will I use for Candy Raglan for Eirin :) Hopefully she will like it and wear it too.


  1. Socks are not only the perfect mindless knitting project, but they are also always needed/wanted by someone. Those are very cheerful colours!

    I don't do mystery knitalongs for just this reason. I want to know ahead of time that I am going to be happy with the finished product.

  2. Nydelige farger! Hvilket garn har du valgt?


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