Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's been a while

Since I've been writing here... It was not planned, but it felt great with a short break from blogging.
So far this Summer has been a rainy one. I'm not lying if I tell you it has been raining for almost two weeks witout a break. But today the sun is shining and it looks like she's here to stay for a couple of days :) Here's a little of what we've been up to these last weeks :)




Demolishing, building and painting - we've knocked down the wall underneat the stairs, made a floor were the stairs down to the cellar was and now we have a much bigger hall. And I have a wall filled with book shelves which I call my library :)

Todays harvest :)

Harvesting - Borage flowers, sugar peas, chives, radish and lettuce

We have lots of cloudberries this year :)

Cloudberry picking

They grow so fast...

Watching our squirrel kids grow. We haven't seen them for days now, and I'm a bit worried that a cat that has been sneaking around here has scared them away :(


Running throug high grass chasing butterflies


Celebrated 7 :) Can you imagine he is 7 already...


  1. lovely snapshots--those socks look like they were made with a worsted or dk type yarn, could you share the pattern if it is?

  2. oh, these squirrels look so fluffy!:)

  3. Lovely pictures, naughty rain. I hope the rain stays away and the squirrels come back.

  4. Wow, your harvest looks so nice! Great photos! You can send the rain our way, we are in a pretty serious drought!

  5. Så fine hyller du har til bøkene dine! Jeg har 4 Billyhyller fra Ikea til mine bøker, men der er det fullere enn fullest :) Jeg må få mer plass altså....


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