Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Stripy sweater for Endre

With fall here it's time to start making those warm garments for winter.
I found this pattern in a norwegian knit magazine and knew this was the sweater for Endre this winter. 
I casted on yesterday and all I have done is the ribbing - 240 st on 2,5 mm takes time... And I am knitting it with a finer yarn than the pattern calls for, so I had to find another raglan pattern with the same gauge as the yarn.


Hitchhiker - I'm not sure I like the colours yet and don't know if enough yarn for the length I want. But I'll give it a try ;)

Hubby socks

Hubby's socks is knitting up fast. They might be finished this week. Just love mindless knitting!


  1. I definitelly need mindless knitting. My current projects need a lot of attention, like counting stitches, changing yarn, following a pattern. I can't watch a movie while knitting. Or knitting while watching. :-)

  2. Love all your WIPS. I've been fighting against admitting fall is coming, but your sweater pattern is making me slightly envious!

  3. Yeah, autumn is coming and I still can't believe. But knitting will keep us (knitters) warm and cozy!

  4. You have a very distinct color scheme running through your WIPs this week! The sweater you are knitting is going to be very handsome!

  5. That is the 2nd Hitchhiker I've seen in the last hour! The colors are intriguing!

  6. Wow, those socks are knitting up quickly! Isn't it the best feeling to gift someone lovely, warm, handknit socks? Also, I love the sweater, it is going to be adorable!

  7. I love the Hitchhiker, it is in my queue too! (I will get there one of these days...) I think the colors are pretty together! And the socks look really nice so far; nothing like a nice pair of hand knit socks to keep the toes warm in winter!

  8. Loving the look of the sweater! Your Hitchhiker's looking great also!

  9. So many wonderful projects! I really need to knit my first pair of socks, you're inspiring me to do so. I wish I had your photography skills!

  10. This is beautiful.

    I've done a Follow Friday style blog-post today, and I've featured your blog on it. I'd love it if you could recommend three blogs to me that you love to read, but if you don't have time that's no problem at all. (The blog is if you want to check it out.)

    Thank you for being a source of inspiration to me!

    Corrie xx

  11. I admire how you go for garment knitting. The Hitchhiker yarn is dramatic, almost like Twilight!


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