Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekending :: Snowy


It's been a very snowy weekend.
We had a snow storm on Thursday night, so on Friday we woke up to 20-25 cm of fresh snow and snowdrifts.
Endre had a skitrip on school on Friday and it was one that was happy, tired and had snow in every possible place when he got home.
And as the sun peeped out in the afternoon it was time to get dressed and
go out to play more in the snow :)
Great to get in and have homemade pizza for supper.
There's been some stripy knitting.
We woke up to another 10 cm of snow on Saturday.
So more shoveling.
I've made crispbread enough to last a week.
The birds been fed.
The skies and snoeshoes has been used alot :)
There's been chicken curry.
A bottle of wine.
Started to watch season two of a Game of Thrones and the first episode of the new series Vikings.
Sunday came with more snow which meant more shoveling...
We made a bonfire and fried sausages and drank hot cocoa.
And as always there has been piles of laundry, dishes, kids arguing, Endre getting up way too early in the morning as he usually does in the weekends.
I think he was awake at 5.10 today... But on school days I have to drag him out of bed at 6.30...
Now I am just going to read some blogs, see if I find some inspiration on Ravelry and just relax as I know I have to shovel more snow tomorrow as big flakes are falling outside right now...

For more outdoor photos visit our blog Ute :: Outdoors :)

How's your weekend been?
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  1. Ohh ahhh... så fin snø hos dere - men arbeid også med snømåking dessverre.... men herlig med leke og skiløpe. Snø og solen deilig.
    Jeg var i byen Leipzig denne helg - to time fra min hjemme - herlig med datter og barnebarn. Vi hadde mange moro. Og nå jeg har lille jente hos meg... og jeg leker :-) Hjertelig hilsen til deg.

    Stor klem fra Viola.

  2. You are funny with all that snow shoveling you have to do :) Also I find it amusing that your child will willingly wake up on weekends early but not during the school week. We had a warm day with sun and not one single snowflake to be seen. It was a beautiful day :)

    1. Well, I don't find it amusing ;) I like to sleep a little longer during the weekends and with a 7 yo wide awake and sometimes very loudly playing in his room, the rest of us just has to get up as well. He has Wednesdays off from school and he is awake before me on those days too...

      And I had to wake him today ;)

  3. We were supposed to have a blizzard on Saturday, but it didn't happen.

    I like your stitch marker.

  4. Så flink du er å komme ute! You really teach an important lesson to your children. And such beautiful pictures. Thanks for blogging, knitting, caring, making food, and everything... Those seat pads are wonderful!


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