Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekending :: The start of Easter


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Easter break started for the kids and hubby on Friday afternoon
and they will not go back to school and work until April the 2nd.
So we can sleep a little longer, stay up a little later and hopefully spend a lot of time outdoors :)
We went skiing on Saturday.
The sun came out for a few hours, but since then it's been snowing and snowing.
Homemade pizza.
I stayed up late and watched the last episodes in the 5th series of True Blood.
And I must say I am so disappointed - what happend to this series?
I really liked the books, but there is little left from the books in the series...
I felt the need for a new project, so I unwinded some yarn and casted on a shawl.
We ate dinner with my mom and my siblings today.
We brought home a "new" kitchen table and chairs :)
The easter decorations has been brought up from the basement, 
but still sits in the box. I'll get the kids to decorate tomorrow.
I haven't had time to knit today, so I'm going to curl up on the sofa and knit a few rows on the shawl.

How's your weekend been?
Joining Amanda for Weekending.


  1. our kids just had spring break and have to go back to school. i guess the spring is imaginative.
    we are more than sure that gulf stream has stopped working and we are having new ice age again..

  2. So I saw the series before reading the books....and I could not get into the books...the actor who played the lead vampire, gave me the creeps....and then when I tried to read the books, all I saw was him..just couldn't do it....**shudder*

    We lost our April vacation to snow you guys have snow days? When the weather is too bad...and the busses can't run on the streets, they cancel school...but you guys get so much snow....we also have to be in school legally for a certain number of days, so when there is a snow day...we have to make it up...

  3. I want to read one of the True Blood books. I don't have HBO. Books tend to be different and have so much more.
    Hooray for spring break. My girls are off which means I am too. We have lots planned.
    Kate Morton seems popular so trying her when I can. Can't knit a new design yet as I need the circ.

  4. that is a nice long spring break. enjoy the kids.

  5. here kids have no snowdays. maybe some country schools do have cold days (daytime temps are down to -20C) where kids have to wait for a bus for a long time. city schools all work all the time. some schools were closed for few days when we got hit some sort of virus and half the students and teachers were sick. here they have to pass the program in 34 weeks and if there are some cold or sick days and school is closed then it is up to the principal to decide if they will take some days off from summer break or not. at the end of each semester the last week is like buffer: mostly they have fieldtrips, some kids can remake tests, they have concerts etc

  6. yay for vacation and more time spent outdoors!


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