Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On The Needles :: Rye... again


After several days of warm sunny weather with temperatures up to 17 C, we woke up to low clouds all the way down the mountain sides and colder temperatures. So a fire was needed to keep us warm and cosy this morning.

What are you knitting and reading this week?
Joining Ginny and Nicole

Knitting: As you know, I'm trying to knit up my sockyarn stash and for some reason I seem to cast on a lot of Rye socks ;) This is my 6th pair, but really, I love this simple yet decorative pattern.
The Menehune shawl is off the needles and just need to be blocked. And I frogged the Nurmilintu shawl.

Reading: I started a new book last night - The Sign by Raymond Khoury. I love this mystery thriller genre, so I hope this is a good one.
I still have a few chapters left of Shadow of Night, which I love, so I am trying to make it last as long as I can ;)

In Antarctica, a scientific expedition drops anchor for a live news feed. As the CNN journalist begins her report, a massive, shimmering sphere of light suddenly appears in the sky, enveloping the ship in luminous white light before disappearing as mysteriously as it arrived. The entire event witnessed by an incredulous world audience.

Meanwhile in a dusty bar in Egypt, a dozen men are lazily discussing the state of the world when the brilliant, glowing symbol on the television stops them cold. One man breaks out in a sweat, crosses himself repeatedly, and rushes out of the bar muttering the same phrase over and over again: It can't be.

Across the Internet and around the globe, a stunning controversy threatens to consume the world: Has God finally decided to reveal himself? Or is something more sinister at hand? -


  1. I really like the colours of the yarn you are using.

    Also, the fire in the background makes the picture look very cozy! :)

  2. Once you find a sock pattern you really really like it is so difficult to resist knitting many pairs, I know! That shawl is going to be gorgeous.

  3. love the colors in your cozy!!

  4. Oh that yarn...I'm drooling on my side of the computer. Those colors are right up my alley!

  5. That yarn is very pretty! I can't believe you are already having to light a fire. Where I live we are still in the midst of what has been, overall, an extremely hot summer.

    1. We've had an unusual warm summer here in the north of Norway too. But there is no doubt fall is here today with temperatures below 10 C. Hopefully there will be a few more warm days :)

  6. I've failed at socks so many times now (well, twice, but that number still freaks me out-, it's usually the sizing...either too loose, or too short etc.) But I really, REALLY want to try these. They look like they should be simple enough, maybe I won't manage to mess these up. haha.
    I really like the yarn you've chosen!

    1. I'm sure you'll manage to knit a pair of socks that will fit you. We've all made mistakes ;)
      And Rye really is a simple pattern, so you should give it a try.

  7. ive been mean to knit a pair of rye socks! i should totally do it!

  8. I absolutely love your Rye socks! So much so that I have queued the pattern and actually have some suitable yarn in my stash - oh dear, do I need to start them today? Yes, yes, I think I do :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. You look so cosy by the fire and a lovely pair of socks in the making :) Enjoy your newest book, sounds interesting!

  10. The yarn is beautiful! I wished I was near a fire when I am knitting - except that with a toddler it is probably not a good idea!

    I know you have a few projects on, but you may be interested in my current giveaway - and add a shawl pattern to your list!

  11. The blues are calming in your yarn. You are fiber productive as always. I've started a steampunk book which is good so far.


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