Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 in Books

My goal was to read 80 books this year and I managed that and a couple more :)
82 books and 28996 pages.
You can find more info about the books in My year in books 2016

My favorites
En fisk til Luna
Iron House
The Napolitan Novels 2 And 3
Drums of Autumn
The Storm Sister
The Apple Tart of Hope
The Architect's Apprentice

Countries visited for my Around the World in books project.
- Ethiopia in Tobbia
- Italy in The Napolitan Novels
- Turkey in The Architect's Apprentice
- Peru in Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter
- Germany in Instituttet for de siste ønsker

Pøbler i pels og pyjamas
Last Wolf Watching
Det frosten tok
Brødrene Vega
Personal Demons
De syv søstre
Fjorten av samme sorten
Et liv ute  to unge mennesker  et helt år ute i det fri
Om hundre år er allting gjemt
Stjerner over, mørke under
Elizabeth Is Missing
The Babylon Rite
The Genesis Secret
Dyrk selv hagetips og oppskrifter
Sjarmen med tarmen
Irma Dahl


  1. Love your book post! I'll be finding Tobbia as my husband is currently spending a lot of working time in Ethiopia! I managed 5 books from other countries last year. This year I set myself a total new challenge with lists of 5 - 5 African voices, 5 locals in English (South Africa), 5 off my almost-teen's shelf, 5 classics, 5 from a theme (one each travel, struggle, poems, short stories, set in my home town) and 5 (auto)biographies.
    And most of these I could find in my Unread Bookshelf!

  2. You did fantastic, Hege, 2016 in books! Your covers are always so interesting to look at.


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