Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Garderobe Makealong


Frk. Garn, a danish knitter started a wardrobe makealong this year. The point is to knit and/or sew your own clothes. I am not the best friend with my sewig machine, but who knows, this might be the year we become friends ;) The only accessories that is allowed to make is socks. So my plan to knit more shawls and hats will not count, at least not for prizes which will be dawn each month.


The first project is a Setesdalkofte. I'm knitting it in Tove and are struggling a little bit with the gauge...

A few years ago Truly Myrtle made her own handmade wardrobe and I loved her post about her beautiful knitted and sewed garments. So take a look and be inspired!

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