Monday, June 15, 2009

# 3/52 K2, p1 socks for Erlend

#3 k2,p1 socks

When I was knitting the socks for hubby, Erlend tried them on and asked if I could knit him a pair. I got very surprised when he asked, because I haven't knitted him socks in years since he has so warm feet and dosn't like to wear wool socks. So here they are, my 3rd pair for the 52ppIII. A simple k2, p1 socks with a short row heel.

Pattern: 60 st , k2, p2
Yarn: 60 g Opal Acapulco #1307
Needles: 2,5 mm

feeding the angora goats

There hasn't been much knitting this weekend. But there has been lots of wool still. Saturday we spent parts of the day at Senja Familiepark. Much more photos here :)

the bird cherry is blooming

The Bird cherry is in full bloom now :) Yesterday was a rainy day and it still pours down. We are starting to get sick around here, both Endre and I has sore throats. And when he gets a sore throat, his asthma hits. So we haven't slept good this night... Fortunately hubby has taken a day off so I could sleep in this morning.


  1. Kjekt når noen ønsker seg sokker. Synes disse ble fine, garnet passet bra til et helt enkrlt mønster.

    Ull er flott på sauer også! ;o)

  2. Good Hubby! I hope you all get well soon. I have sock envy, you're socks are so beautiful and it seems like you knit them so quickly, it takes me about four days to knit one sock!!

  3. Wonderful socks! LOVE that picture with the ewe nibbling on the branch.

  4. Love the socks and the sheep ;). So cute!

  5. Hei
    fann bloggen din på Mammaforumet. Er ny der...så tester meg litt fram :)
    Koselig blogg. Eg driver også med strikking av sokker :)
    Ha en fin kveld


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