Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally great weather

My boys :)

After days (weeks) with rain, the weather got better today, And despite some cold wind we packed our backpacks and headed out in the forest today.

A break on the big rock

The girls are having a break on our "big rock" on the way up.

The forest has turnes green and our little cabin blends in perfectly

The forest has finally turned green and the cabin blends in with the forest.

The bog is covered with cloudberry flowers!

The bog if covered with cloudberry flowers.
So we just hope it will be just as much cloudberries.

Multe / Cloudberry

Cloudberry flower


Dvergbjørk / Dwarf Birch

Parts of the bog is covered with dwarf birch.

Begerlav / Cup lichen

We found several kinds of mosses and lichens. this is cup lichen.

Mosses and lichens

When it comes to knowing the names of mosses and lichen,
I'm not good. But I know that the one at the bottom to the
right is reindeer lichen.

There is still some snow left on places with little sun

And there is still some spots with snow left on places with very little sun.


It's a hard grey fungus which grows on birch and finally kill them. In the old days they used the soft material in the middel to catch the sparks when using flint and steel to make fire. They also used it to stop bleeding.


And they can be wings of a butterfly ;)

A fairy house..?

The house of the forest faries..?

A little nest with bird babies :)

On our way home the kids found this little nest with tiny little bird babies
just beside the path. So we have to go up and chech if they grow up.

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  1. Beautiful photos from your hike!

    We have cup lichen and reindeer lichen around here too.

    The baby birds are precious.


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