Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My boys and socks on the needles

My boys :)

It was Erlend's turn to be sick today. And I think it's the first time in ages that I've only had the boys home - and Endre was thrilled to have his big brother all to him self! He has been following him all day. Here they are listening to music. Can you see that Endre is dancing on his chair :)


It's still raining, so there is a lot of time for knitting. I casted on for a pair of Monkey yesterday - a fun and fast knit! And although I'm not so fond of the black&white stripes that are in some of the yarn from Opal, I like the colors in this skein.


I've also got my first pair of Kai-mei on the needles. But I'll have to frog it back to the heel because I've knitted a little mistake :(

sock laundry

And yes, we're still wearing wool socks here... Washed a pile of them today. The summer seems to have forgotten us. With rain and hardly 10 C it's cold. And with the Solstice just a week away, I really hope we'll get some sun and warm weather before the days get shorter and darker again!


  1. It's raining like CRAZY here too! What's going on? I may just sail on over to Norway and visit you. No plane ticket required ;). Lovely socks, btw.

  2. Your kids are so cute! :o)
    We didn't have an early summer here either, but we are getting there!

  3. Your boys are cute, I could tell that he must be dancing right away. Younger brothers always love their big brothers but I am not always sure it works the other way around.

    Again your socks are amazing! We are still wearing wool sweaters in the mornings and evenings, we had very warm weather over a month ago but it has been cool and rainy for a while now. I am hoping it warms up but it is nice to work outside with out too much heat.

  4. Adorable boys! Wow sounds like a very short season indeed. What lucky children you have with a mama that knits them up so many socks :).

  5. Fantastiske sokker da! Koselig blogg...

  6. Så mange lekre sokker. Du er flink med strikkepinnene!!

  7. Hei, og god helg! Det ligger en award til deg i bloggen min!

  8. The pattern on the side of the Kai-Mei socks is so pretty. I can't see any mistake, but I know how that goes. I always think I'll ignore it, but I can't stand it and end up unraveling.

    You're going to be so happy as your children get older that you've spent so much time with them, enjoying them. I can't believe that my daughter will graduate next year. It's gone so fast.


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