Monday, June 15, 2009

Senja Familiepark

up the hills to find some animals

We went to Senja Familiepark on Saturday. They have lots of
animals for the kids to look at :)

angora goat

At the bottom of the hill we met a gang with angora goats.

angora goat baby

A baby goat.

feeding the angora goats

They didn't pay us much attention, but when we gave them
branches with birch leaves it became crowdy at the fence.

feeding the angora goats


Ludde the llama just laid and enjoyed the sun.

mini pig

Endre loved the miniature pig :) We should had one..

no farm without sheeps

And it's no farm without sheeps ;)


And there were rabbits. In all kinds of size and variations. Since Endre is
allergic we didn't take the chance to take one out for a cuddle...

noas sjark

Endre at the playground in Noas sjark. It's a pun on Noah's ark.
A sjark is a norwegian fishingboat.


The newest attraction in the park is this mule foal. Which was very shy.
Here she is with her mum Luna.

the little mule is so shy

the angora goats was the funniest animal

Lots of space to run at.

the donky loved dandelions

Here's the mule foal's dad - the donkey Jacob.

donky and a horse

He and the shetland pony Balder loved to get dandelions from the kids.

the kids had such a great time, we need to go back here!

We had a great day and will definitely come back later in the summer!

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  1. It is nice to see everything so green.

    The mule foal and the angora goats are so cute.

    What a nice day :0)


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