Monday, June 29, 2009

A day at the beach


We had rented this cabin for the weekend and went up to it Friday afternoon. After playing outside for hours until bedtime, everything was just fine. But with a cabin that everyone can rent, I guess there will always be someone that don't bother to clean up after oneself... And I think it must be years since last time this cabin has been washed down from roof to floor... So when we went inside and the kids started to play in the beds and sofa, the air got filled with dust... The result, Endre got thight in his chest, and could have gotten an asthma attack if we had stayed :( So we just had to pack up and drive home.

A day at the beach

But the weekend turned out great still :) Saturday we went to Aglapsvik where there is a great beach. 

blue mussels

The tide was low so one part of the beach was filled with
big rocks covered with little blue mussels.

Cockle or "Heart shell" as we call them in Norway.

Cockle or "Heart shell" as we call them in Norway.

Sandskjell / Blunt gaper

Fjærmakk bæsj / Sandwrom cast

Sandworm cast.

Tangloppe / Amphipoda (scud)

Amphipods ( scud).

The "egg bag" from a common whelk

The "egg bag" from a common whelk.

Ærfugl / Common Eider

There was several common eider mams with kids swimming, but
no dads. A bit sad because they have some great colors.

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  1. So sorry things did not work out at the cabin...

    your beach day was glorious though!


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