Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The harsh reality of life


Remember the nest we found at Midsummer? Yesterday we went to
see if the eggs had hatched. But this was the sight that met us...
I think it's a magpie who has been here and eaten the eggs. There is not
a day without birds chasing magpies away from their nests around here.


The kids got very dissapointed ofcourse, but this was also
a great way to learn about the harsh reality of life. The eggs
got a close examine before they carefylly got placed back in the nest.


A pair of great tits have a nest in our roof :)

We have in several weeks followed a great tit pair in building a nest, sitting on eggs and feeding the kids. Since they have the nest under the roof we can only hear the kids ;) We think it's time for the kids to leave the nest soon, so we hope we are so lucky that we are outside when it happens.

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  1. It is all part of the circle of life.... the pattern on the eggs is marvelous.


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