Saturday, July 18, 2009

A hike in the rain

hike in the rain1

Even if it drizzled when we went out of bed today, we felt it was time for a hike in the forest. And nothing is better than walking in the forest after a heavy rainfall when the air is fresh!

hike in the rain2

And yes, it was rather cold today so it was good and warm with hats ;)

hike in the rain3

It was great to get warm by the fire too while frying sausages.

hike in the rain4

We duged for more stones for our fire place and lots of this fine sand was under the heath. No doubt that there has been a sea here once...


It becoming berries too, but they are not ripe yet.
Bilberry, bunchberry, lingonberry, and cloudberry.

hike in the rain10

We found one ripe cloudberry ;) Eirin and Endre shared it, but they didn't like it... So we're just hoping for the rain and cold weather to stop so they get ripe.

hike in the rain9

hike in the rain11

hike in the rain17

Eirin found a moth that had been hit by the rain.


There is more flowers in the forest since last time we was here :)
Alpine bistort, tufted vetch, small cow-wheat, heath spotted orchid and marsh valerian - pink and white.

hike in the rain22

We saw that there was some foam on some of the plants and flowers.

hike in the rain13

We think this is the nymph of a froghopper.

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  1. What a wonderful nature walk - full of interesting finds.

    I think the forest smells wonderful after a rain :)


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