Friday, August 21, 2009

# 9/52 Kieler Sprotte

We are back to normal after the summer. Erlend & Eirin started school again on Wednesday. It was a bit hard to get up 6.15 in the morning again... But the kids falls asleep earlier too, so that means we have some more adult time in the nights :) Endre had his first day in kindergarden on Monday. It has been some tears, but he really like to play with the other kids. He will just be in kindergarden three days a week, so we still have some days with just him and me. I on the other hand just don't know what to do all alone at home *lol*

kieler sprotte1

My 9th pair - Kieler Sprotte and they are hubby's ;)
I just love all the socks in Socken aus aller Welt by Stephanie van der Linden, but had to start with a simple pair. My german is not what it was... and we don't learn knitting terms at school either.

kieler sprotte2

It was not easy to take good pictures of these socks...
Pattern: Kieler Sprotte
Yarn: 50 g Sisu and 50 g Ida strømpegarn
Needles: 3 mm

kieler sprotte3


  1. I remember my son was just a little over 2 yars old, when I let him join his sister in Kindergarten, only for a couple of hours each day, so he had kids to play. It was more stress for me, because with the drop off and pick up and pick up his sister later, but I think he needed it.
    Your socks are beautiful. I have this book also, but have yet to knit anything from it.

  2. Looks like only here in Croatia school (new school year, actually) starts at the beginning of september (this year on 7th) - that makes such long simmer for parents and kids - usually kids are bored to their bones!
    First day at kindergarten - that was so long ago, but I can clearly remember the time I have just for me! Precious!

  3. Lovely socks! Wow, kindergarten. Will starts next year and I'm already sad :(. He's so excited he can hardly stand it. Right now he's in preschool 3 days a week and loves it - just started yesterday. In this area we do "year round" school where the kids go for a few months and then have a few weeks off all through the year. Parents seem to love it. I guess we'll see ;).

  4. Three days a week for kindergarten sounds perfect. My kids both loved kindergarten, but I think Kai especially would have liked to have been home a few days a week. Actually, he's fifteen now, and he still would like to stay home a couple of day a week. Ha, Ha.

  5. Kos deg masse med tiden for deg selv. Noen fordeler må vi jo ha vi som velger å være hjemme. Flotte sokker du har laget. Sprekt å sette seg så store mål.

  6. Your socks are gorgeous! That's my next knitting goal learning how to do socks. I'm sorry kindergarten was such an adjustment for the Endre, but I'm sure he's getting used to it now. Have a wonderful day!

  7. I found your blog on Ravelry, what great kids you've got and I really like your knitted socks.

  8. Oh, you remind me I need to go wake up my almost first grader. It's nearly 7am now and he's been sleeping until 8am all summer. Next week he's up at 6am, yikes!!

    Beautiful socks!

  9. Jättefina sockor!
    Här har barnen också börjat skolan. Ett barn är glad, ett är mindre glatt...

  10. My goodness- those socks are beautiful! Your tension is amazing. How long did it take you to knit them? I love the colors.

  11. Kat: I had them on my needles for about a month, but I only knit on them now and then. I guess they'd take me a week if I would knit every day ;)


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