Tuesday, August 11, 2009


bilberry picking

Yesterday the kids and I went bilberry picking :) It's funny, because we call these berries "blåbær" and if you translate it right into english it will be "blueberry". Which we also leraned at school. But if you look up "blåbær" at wikipedia and the go to the english version, it's not called blueberry, but bilberry. Blueberry is what we call American blueberry ;)

having a break

Endre has a break and get fueld with chocolate.

and we find a little more cloudberries too

The kids find a few cloudberries too ;)
And yes, it was very wet in the forest yesterday.
I think the fog must have been here during the night.


But there was some time for play before we had to go home and change to dry clothes.

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