Sunday, August 23, 2009

The fall is starting to show


The weather turned out to be good, so we went to our lean-to hut today.
On the way up this chubby frog jumped beside the trail.
I don't think I have ever seen such a big frog before ;)


It had to be a queer guy, because he continued to
hide his eyes even after we put it down.


At the lean-to there was both sawing and hammering,
and Endre is quick to find his saw.

a small shed for firewood

We built a little shed to keep the firewood in.
It still needs a door so we just hope the snow won't come yet...

a new fireplace

Hubby also digged out the firehole and made it bigger
before he put more stones around it.


The forest literally smells of fall when we walk in it now,
and with the red glow it also has gotten there is no doubt
we're close to the end os August...


And the read glow we can blame these bunchberries for.

Stone Bramble

But there are other red berries in the forest,
The kids found lots of Stone Bramble.

a cup full of Stone Bramble

They are tiny, but we managed to pick a cup full ;)
I don't know what to make of them yet.
It's not enough for either jelly or fruitsyrup...
And I don't think a jam made of these will taste very good.


And the lingons have started to blush, so I guess
there will be a trip up here next weekend too :)


And it's not just frogs that are big today.
This caterpillar fall down at Helene's head ;)

happy, tired and dirty

Og til slutt et bilde av Endre.
Glad, sliten og skitten -
akkurat sånn det skal være når en er på tur i skogen!

And finally a picture of Endre.
Happy, tired and dirty -
just as it should be when one are out in the forest!

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  1. Great finds on your hike- the frog and caterpillar are huge!

    Those berries look delicious :)


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