Tuesday, August 11, 2009


green swap package

I got a wonderful package from Claire today. I've been in a swap at Ravelry called Don’t be pea green with envy and as you can see I got a lot of great green stuff! (click on the pic to get it larger) There are cotton yarn, silk bamboo, some funfur and a beautiful handspun skein. I also got needles, stitch markers, a table cloth, tea , candles & candle holder, notepad and Hello Kitty pens and note book - which Eirin grabbed right away ;)

handspun beauty

The handspun yarn is so beautiful! I think I will knit up a pair of mittens to myself with it :)

table cloth with my wip socks

And I love the table cloth - just wish I had curtains that matched ;)

bilberry picking

Yesterday the kids and I went bilberry picking :) It's funny, because we call these berries "blåbær" and if you translate it right into english it will be "blueberry". Which we also leraned at school. But if you look up "blåbær" at wikipedia and the go to the english version, it's not called blueberry, but bilberry. Blueberry is what we call American blueberry ;)


  1. I'm so glad you liked it Hege! It was fun to put it together to send to you! I also enjoyed learning more about Norway from having you as my swap partner! I kept wanting to tell you how much I liked all your pictures, but then I thought you would know I was your swap partner, so I had to be quiet! It will be fun to see whatever you knit with the yarn!

  2. Beautiful yarn, I have a similar color (malabrigo emerald green) and I think I will also knit some mittens :-)

  3. That looks like a great swap package!

  4. Green is my favorite color ~ how lucky are you. xx

  5. WOW! You had amazing swapper! Maybe you are not pea green with envy but surely I am! :)

  6. Fun Stuff! I love the table cloth also. I loved living in Washington state because this time of year there were more blackberries than one could pick. We would have blackberry soup, blackberry jam, blackberry syrup, blackberry juice, blackberry cobler, blackberrry everything for weeks! I miss it!

  7. What a great package! I LOVE blueberries. Looks like you have a bunch. They're so expensive here that I don't eat them nearly often enough. Boo. Enjoy!

  8. Heihei!
    Fint garn!
    Jeg plukker også blåbær, eller blueberries som jeg liker å kallle det. Hvis du slår opp blokkebær..hva får man da? Jeg trodde det var bilberries jeg ;)


  9. Kaller også blåbær for blueberries på engelsk... Blokkebær kalles Bog Bilberry eller Northern Bilberry. (Ifølge wikipedia)

    Og da ble jeg en litt mer forvirra lol

  10. Vilket härligt paket. Gillade också duken mycket.

  11. That's a great swap package! Have fun with your new items!


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