Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pair # 10 and 11 - Stripes for Endre


Endre needed new socks, and since he also has started kindergarden I have to knit several pairs.
So # 10 and 11 in the 52ppiii was a rather fast knit ;) Eirin also need a new pair, so I might be able to catch up by the end of September - I hope...

blue stripes

Pattern: simple k2, p2 - 52 st.
Yarn: Pair #10 is knitted with leftovers from Kieler Sprotte and #11 with leftovers from Erlend's k2, p1 socks.
Needles: 2,5 mm.


We have a saying here in north of Norway which goes like this.
Lots of rowanberries = little snow.
Little rowanberries = lots of snow.
Because the rowan should not carry a heavy load twice in a row.

Last year we had lots and lots of rowan berries, and we got little snow. Well little can be questionable, but a lot is when we can't see the cars driving past the house due to the hugh snowedge... And as you can see from the tree - not a single berry this year. I wonder how much snow we'll get...

And our outdoor blog got featured at Imagine childhood the other day :)


  1. I am astounded at your sock knitting speed! And a bit jealous :)

  2. I love the little socks on the little feet- too cute! You seem to knit at an incredible rate! Do the little ones help to pick out the yarns? Lucky kids- I never got handknit socks when I was young!

  3. Those are adorable feet in cute socks!

  4. They look very warm and to check out your feature on Imagine Childhood ~ I love this site! x

  5. We have same kind of saying in Finland too. Here is also lots of rowan berries, so let's see how it goes :D

    Lovely socks :) Your knitting speed is so fast. I wish I was so fast :)

  6. På sørlandet bugner det av rognebær på alle trær... Lurer på om det betyr mye eller lite snø.... Fint er det iallfall.

  7. Fint tre, og det har jeg faktisk ikke hørt før. Må sjekke et rognebærtre snart for å se om det stemmer. Fine sokker.

  8. looks like you can whip up socks in your sleep!

  9. Faaaast! Great socks. I'm curious to see how much snow you get this year!

  10. We have a similar saying here on the prairies of Canada, except we predict the winter weather with Saskatoon berries. Lots of berries means that the birds will need the energy to make it through a harsh winter. I hear that the bushes are full this year and I am already dreading the months to come.

  11. Cute socks!

    I would be a little worried about the snow situation if there are no rowanberries. We are getting ready for a lot of snow here in Wyoming. All the signs of nature are saying, "You're going to get it this year!" I'm kind of excited. I LOVE winter--it's a knitting/wool kind-of thing, you know what I mean?

  12. Ja, no er det ikkje lenge før vi må finne fram litt varmare kle, og sokkar blir det aldri for mykje av! Artige dei zik-zak sokkane du har strikka, det var modig gjort å begynne å strikke etter eit tysk mønster!

  13. Fine sokker, godt å ha til små føtter framover. Her er det sånn passe med rognebær, håpr vi fårr litt snø likevel.

  14. Lovely socks! Reminds me I should knit new pairs for my boys.

    I have the feeling we'll be hit hard with the snow this winter too!

  15. Knallfine sokker!
    Vel, på Sørlandet flommer vi over av rognebær. Vi får ta en liten hypotesesjekk til vinteren :)

  16. Gode varme sokker kan visst både du og barna trenge utover høsten og vinteren. Tror du må igang med votter og luer osgå om vi skal la rogna tale for vinterværet;))
    Det er forresten et tegn vi ser etter i Rogaland også, og som oftest bærer rogna godt her;))


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