Sunday, August 9, 2009



There's no doubt, the summer is coming to an end. Which we also can see at the fireweed. It blooms from the bottom an dup, and now there is not many spuds left before the top is blooming... But we have had three great weeks with summerweather which we can look back at now when the fall is coming.

at the lake2

In the middel of the week we went to Tårnvatnet so the kids could bathe.
It's very shallow here, so the water was somewhat "warm" ;)

at the lake1

at the lake4

at the lake5

Berry picking

We went to the lean-to this weekend and picked berries.


The bogs is full of cloudberries this year!


And the bilberries are big. We just picked enough for supper this time.
So we have to go and pick more next week ;)


And it tasted good!

Warming at the fire before bedtime

We gathered around the fire before bedtime. Not that is was cold, but
it's part of the cosiness :)

Finally asleep ;)

Endre and I slept in the tent while Hubby and the other kids slept in
the lean-to. It took a while before Endre settled and fall asleep...

Morning mist

And even if one fall asleep late, one wake up early when camping
(at least Endre do so..) And the morning mist hang over the mountains.

Our camp

When the mist lighten, big rainclouds appeared. So we had breakfast,
played a little and packed our stuff and went home. Just in
time before a heavy rainfall.



  1. Polar brød and new picked berries, it cannot get better than that :)

  2. The cloudberries are such an unusual color- I've never tasted one.

    It looks as though our summer is coming to an end also- we expect a cool, dry autumn.


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