Sunday, August 9, 2009


knitting in the sun

It's been quiet in here for some weeks and it's all because of summer! We are not used to great summer weather here in the north of Norway, so when we get three weeks with temperatures above 22 C, we have to make the most of it :) So there has not been very much knitting around here, but I have had my Vinterblomst mittens with me out and knitted a row now and then. So there's only one thumb left to knit now.

playing in the garden

Some days have been just too hot, but the kids have had some wonderful weeks. Running in and out the house in barefeet, playing in the tent, having icecream...

at the lake4

... and even went bathing in the mountain lake. That's summer!


And there's a lot of berries in the forest this year. The bogs are full of cloudberries :)


The forest is full of bilberries.


And I got some sweet strawberries from hubbys dad, so we have lots of jam in the freezer :)

swap package.

And I have got a great package from Gramma Jewel the other week. Endre loves the cloth bag with the alligators and it's perfect for him to have his allergy and asthma medicine in when he starts kindergarden in a week...


  1. So many berries - delicious! Make me wanna make some jam!

  2. Those cloudberries are beautiful and look delicious!!

  3. I have never seen cloudberries or heard of them either but they look delicious.

  4. Wow! so many cloudberries, I'm jealous :) Will you eat them with some cream or make jam?
    I hope to go picking soon blueberries with Matias, it seems this year they are big and nearly ready to pick.

  5. We make jam. But I have put a couple of boxes in the freezer with whole berries too ;)

  6. What wonderful pictures! The lake looks very beautiful.
    The berries look very yummie, I've never heard of cloudberries so I learn new things every day.
    The mittens look lovely too.

  7. All the berries look yummie!
    Your fair lsle work is inspirational to me.

  8. It looks like you've been having a wonderful summer. I don't think we have anything like cloud berries here. They look delicious!

  9. lovely knitting and yummy berries! I'd love to see your mittens when they're finished.

  10. So that is where our summer weather went to!! It went to northern Norway instead of staying here on the Canadian prairies!

    I have never tried cloudberries or bilberries, but they do look yummy. Berries of any kind are great.


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