Sunday, March 28, 2010


First of all, thank you so much for all your nice comments on my jacket!!
The kids have easter break from school now, and wont start again before next Tuesday. It looks like the weather will be great and hopefully I can be sitting outdoors knitting (without freezing my fingers off) while they play like I did today :)


We still have a lot of snow, but the sun and the wind we had today slowly begins to melt it. It dripps from the roofs and since we still have some very cold nights (we have had -20 C some mornings this week...), some big icicles have grown on our roof. They are beautiful to look at, but can be dangerous if they suddenly fall down.



So Hubby cut them off today.


Yesterday was perfect - not a cloud on the sky, the sun was warming and the kids had lots of fun sledding in a very steep hill :)


They had so much fun that being covered in a lot of snow on the way down didn't matter at all - they went straight up again and again and agian :) I just hope easter will bring us many days like this - after all, easter in Norway is about being outdoors, skiing or hiking ;)


  1. Beautiful pictures... especially the first one! The artistic look of the first one = with the light and shadows... I just had to comment because it is a really nice photograph!

  2. Værmeldinga for påska er god for oss nordpå, mye soldager i vente! Hurra! (Iallefall ha de sa på NRK på 10dagersvarselet)

  3. HURRA førr nordnorsk påske på sett beste! :D (feire litt på forskudd...???) Men gu korr deili de såg ut å sette ute i solveggen å strekke, de va en super plan førr påske !! :D
    Go påske tell dokker nordpå:))

  4. I love to see the kids playing in the snow...we had a dusting of snow this past week, but our spring snows are usually very wet and don't stick. So we now wait for the sun's warmth. You are adventurous to be knitting outdoors!

  5. For ei uke sia kommenterte du på innlegg hos meg; du håpet å kunne sitte ute og strikke om NOEN UKER, og her sitter du etter bare ei uke! Herlig :)

  6. So beautiful! I love seeing your snowy, forest life. Where I live we don't even get a decent frost, and have to drive for five hours to the mountains to play in the snow.

  7. Brrrr, sitting in the snow knitting! That's a great picture. It looks like your children had a wonderful time. Those icicles are beautiful!

  8. Ja, nå er det fint i nord :) Vi hadde en nydelig dag ute i går, men i dag hadde vi besøk og da var bare ungene ute... Håper vi får flere godværsdager framover! God påske til dere!

  9. Such wonderful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  10. Looks like a fun day, and must be wonderful to be able to knit outside after the extreme cold of the winter.

    Your cardigan is perfect, so cute. I love the one little, red heart.

  11. I love that first picture of you knitting outside - lovely!


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