Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vote for my sweater!!


Dale of Norway are having a contest were you can design your own sweater. 1 among the 10 with most votes by 31st of May win a knitted sweater with their own design :)
I don't know if it's open to anyone outside Norway though.
But I hope you can vote for mine :) Click on the green thumb. I've made mine by using this picture. And I've called the design "You can't see the forest for the trees". Maybe not the most original title though *lol*


  1. I just voted for you :) Good luck!!

  2. I voted for you too. Love the colors and the design. Good luck!

  3. Den var stilig, jeg måtte prøve meg i konkurransen selv også..

  4. I voted- loved the design! Make sure you let us know when you win!

  5. Da er det stemt! Lykke til.
    Nydelig Ishbel du har strikket også! Fantastiske farger.
    God helg!

  6. What a cool design!! I voted for you, good luck!

  7. I like your sweater design and the photo you based it on. I voted for you but not sure if it worked-- I will try again from work tomorrow on a different computer and see if I'm able to vote.


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