Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring is coming, slowly...

Kids and water...

We had a big snowfall last week... We got about 50 cm of snow, so spring got a bit belated. It's been cold and grey for days, but today the sky turned blue and we had temperatures around 8 C :) The snow is melting again and this water puddle is like a magnet to Endre.

Lunch :)

We brought our lunch with us out, and food do taste better outdoors ;) We could here water stream, small birds singing, a grouse in the forest and a bunch of seagulls. When the seagulls have come it's definitely spring. But waking at 5.30 in the morning because one of them are yelling right outside our bedroom window is not fun!

With Endre in sight in the water puddle, I could knit some rows on this. See, it's not a sock I have brought out with me ;) I'm kitting a Tappan Zee Cardigan, hoping I have enough yarn.

I've been using glasses since I was 8, and I got my first contact lens when I was 16. After I had kids it was just easier to put on my glasses, so the last five years or so I haven't used lenses. I have very, very bad eyesight... I have high myopia with -6 and a bit on both eyes, so I'm practically blind without them ;) When I put on my make-up I'm so close to the mirror my nose almost touches it *lol* But for each kids I have got, my eyesight have become a little better. Anyway, since I'm using glasses, the sun has always been bad to my eyes. They don't make sunglasses with more than -3 or -4, so I've been going for years squinting my eyes to the sun. But not anymore :) With the huge sunglasses which are populare now, I can put them over my glasses ;)

Endre :)

So now as it looks like spring is here to stay, we're hoping that out water will get back soon too. It was 3 months without water yesterday... I'm so fed up of carrying water now :/


  1. TRE MÅNEDER UTEN VANN? Du er en tålmodig sjel! Håper dere får det tilbake snart :)

  2. Good thing Endre had the boats ready to play with in the puddle! It's so hot here today, I'd rather have some snow. I love the last photo of Endre, what a cute smile!
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that you'll have water soon.

  3. Va!!! 3 månader utan vatten, det är otroligt!!! Vad är det för fel, är det ett problem för flera i ert område, eller bara för ert hus?
    Jag skulle inte klara av att inte ha vatten så länge, hoppas att ni får det tillbaks snart.

  4. korsn har dokker overlevd uten vann i tre mnd???? Eg hadde blitt tullat, gal å heilt villåsprø etter de første par dagan... Nei, hats off!!!! Håpe dokker får vattn i springen igjen snarast!
    Foreldran mine har åsså hatt tørre rør i vinter, men heldivis kje så ille. Men dem e bidd rekti så sparsommeli... å redd førr å bli fri igjen.
    De e meldt samme være imorra, som han kom me i dag, så vi må berre nyte de.. :D Nydeli e de uansett!!

  5. I love these little glimpse into your life, the puddle with boats, knitting outdoors in the sunlight, and your awesome sunglasses! I can hardly go outdoors without my sunglasses, either; as I've gotten older, my eyes have become super sensitive to the light.
    I'll cross my fingers, too, that you have enough yarn...and that you can stop carrying water, too!

  6. So much snow! Hard to believe it is spring at your house :)

  7. Wow you are a lesson in patience for me!

    Adorable photo!

  8. Everything looks marvelous! The food, the playing, the knitting, the fabulous sunglasses... Happy times! I'm so sorry about the stupid water!!! AHHH! I'm screaming for you.

  9. For et flott bilde av Endre med båtene - det ser ut som han storkoser seg :-)

  10. food really does taste better outside!

    so sorry you've been without water for so long! There was a period of time that i didn't have running water when I was young, and it was such a pain in the ass! hope things thaw soon!

  11. Oh my, it looks so beautiful where you live!

  12. What an adorable photo of your son. It must be nice to hear the water running and birds singing (except for that darn sea gull in the morning :o)


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