Monday, June 13, 2011





We have had a long weekend with a day off today also because of Pentecost:)
* The summer has finally arrived, so we've spent almost every hour outside playing, reading, knitting
* Eirin turned 9 yesterday, so Friday she had a birthday party :)
* Barbecue
* Lots of mosquito bites :(
* Warm nights
* Chocolate cake
* Lots of icecream
* Hiking to Hagenes - read more here in our Outdoor blog
* Moving the lawn
* Laundry
* Movie night with Tangled :)
* Dirty kids (suncream and sand is not a good combination..)


  1. Love that first picture - relaxing in the sun.
    Happy Birthday to Eirin!
    P.S. I think I have a guilty conscious about our poor letter writing - I dreamt last night Liam got a letter from Endre complaining that he never writes. Ooops...

  2. Vel overstått bursdag til Eirin!!

    Og ingenting er så deilig som nord-norsk sommer! Herlige sommerbilder!! Vi tilbragte helga på Hamarøya, og det var nydelig!! :)

  3. Isn't summer great? It looks like you are all enjoying it immensely. I am wondering hat you meant by "moving the lawn?" And I had no idea you had a second blog. I am off to go explore it now...

  4. Summer is here as well and I have been enjoying it! Love the outdoor photos.


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