Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yarn Along :: WIP Wednesday

Another Wednesday and I'm ready to show you what I'm reading and knitting/crocheting :) If you'd like to see what others are reading/knitting you can check out Yarn Along or WIP's Wednesday.
The kids are still with my mom, so I have had time to finish Ishbel. She's blocking at the moment, but I hope I can take some pictures of her tomorrow. Today I plan to exploit the fact that the kids are not home to pick up (throw something) and clean their rooms.


Reading: I finished Før de ni verdener styrter some days ago, and I really liked it. Hoping the third book will come soon. Now I'm reading The Rosetta Key and City of Thieves.
I started reading The Rosetta Key without very high expectations since the first book in the series was not very good. But this one is a real page-turner, full of adventure and action.
Ethan Gage finds himself hurled into the Holy Land in dogged pursuit of an ancient Egyptian scroll imbued with magic, even as Bonaparte launches his 1799 invasion of Israel, which will climax at the epic siege of Acre. Pursuing Napoleon to France, where the general hopes ancient secrets will catapult him to power, the wily and inventive Gage faces old enemies with unlikely new friends, and must use wit, humor, derring-do, and an archaeological key to prevent dark powers from seizing control of the world. 

City of Thieves is well written and almost like reading a movie. I also like that the author was able to incorporate humor in such a gloomy setting.
During the Nazis' brutal siege of Leningrad, Lev Beniov is arrested for looting and thrown into the same cell as a handsome deserter named Kolya. Instead of being executed, Lev and Kolya are given a shot at saving their own lives by complying with an outrageous directive: secure a dozen eggs for a powerful Soviet colonel to use in his daughter's wedding cake. In a city cut off from all supplies and suffering unbelievable deprivation, Lev and Kolya embark on a hunt through the dire lawlessness of Leningrad and behind enemy lines to find the impossible.  

Knittin/Crocheting: I promised Eirin & Endre that I should finish their whales while they were on vacation. I have only left to sew them together and stuff them. So hopefully I'll manage to keep my promise! I'm also working on a green bib for my Epla shop and I have pulled out the Summer Mystery Shawlette again. After seeing how beautiful it turned out - I have to finish mine!


  1. I adore those whales! Can't wait to see them all finished up!

  2. Good job on your knitting this week. They look great!
    And your books sound like they would be hard to put down! So exciting!
    A dear friend of mine is moving to Norway in two months. I'll have to get my map out to see exactly where she's going.

  3. Can't wait to see the finished whales!


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