Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Into Reading Question: WHO

It's already a month since I listed my books for the Fall Into Reading challenge and Katrina had a question yesterday.

Is there an author (or authors) whose books you are always watching for? Do you jump to snatch up the latest literary offering from certain specific authors? In other words, who are your go-to authors?

Well, I love The Hollows series by Kim Harrison. Right now I have the 10th book - A Perfect Blood on the night stand. If you like urban fantasy you have to try these books :)

I also like the Ethan Gage series by William Dietrich.
And even though I only have read the first book in the Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase series by Andy McDermott, I am always looking for the newest book in the series ;)

And you might wonder how it goes with my reading challenge..? So far I have read 6 of the 27 books in my list.

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