Monday, October 1, 2012



It's October already - and I think it might be my favourite month.
The air is getting crisp all day long, the leaves is falling off the trees and we have dark nights again. We have ice on the roads and car windows in the morning, but the sun manage to make some warmth when she has been up for a while. So this afternoon I took my tea cup with me out on the terrace while the kids were playing.
Remember the Wingspan that was too short for me and too itchy for Eirin? Well, since Socktober starts today I decided to rip it since it's a sock yarn and make a pair of socks for myself :)
And our raspberry bushes managed to get a few ripe berries. Hopefully the bushes will survive the winter and give us more next year!


Endre who has refused to learn to ride a bike for years surprised us all this weekend :)
He suddenly pulled out the bike and started to try. There were a few frustrated moments, but no one was allowed to help ... then suddenly he found the balance and pedaled away :)
He's been on the bike every spare moment since. So proud of him!


I guess you all are or have been in a yarn club or two.
This was my last skein of yarn from The Painted Tiger. I have liked the skeins I have gotten, but I thought it was time to try a new club. So if you have one you would recomend, let me know. They have to be at a reasonable price, not more than $30 or I have to pay custom :(


  1. What happened w/the sock? Is it gettin' frogged or you're rippin' back b/c of a boo boo?
    Ho'omaka'i to your son! He looks expert on his bike and looks ready to do wheelies!
    What a neat skein of sock yarn that is.

    1. It's not a sock I'm frogging, it's a shawl so I can use the yarn to knit a pair of socks ;)

  2. Such a good idea to transform that yarn into something else, it will definitely make a handsome pair of socks! The new yarn you received is very pretty, now that I can see becoming a beautiful shawl.

  3. Oh, I like that pretty colored yarn from Painted Tiger. I'll have to check them out.

  4. I love the picture of your tea, raspberries, and yarn! The color of the yarn is so pretty; I cannot wait to see the socks you make from it!

  5. I love October as well, though it is not really cool yet here. I am making socks for Socktoberfest now, too. I didn't realize until I saw your post that it was Socktober already!


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