Monday, October 14, 2013

I know you have them too...

Those old - I mean really old ufo's you didn't even know you had...


Eirin found one of them when she help me tidy up in my knitting corner.
I'm not sure when I knitted these, but it might be before Endre was born...
Which makes them around 8 years old.


And I don't know why I didn't sew them together.
Well, it took me a couple of minutes to finish them and Eirin got herself a pair of wristwarmers :)


Ravelry project page
Pattern: I have no idea...
Yarn: Some kind of babywool, i guess
Needles: By the look of it 2 mm / US 0
Started: ??
Completed: October 14, 2013


  1. aw they're rather fun, yay for quick projects and clearing a WIP lol

  2. Tror ikke jeg jar opplevd å finne en så gammel ufo i stashet mitt, men fant jo en 3 år gammel ufo her for ikke så lenge siden.... også har jeg jo en del påbegynte broderier som nok er eldre enn det

  3. Så fine pulsvarmere!

    Så gamle prosjekt tror jeg ikke jeg har, ikke enda i hvertfall :-)

  4. Ooh! Super cute beading in this knitted fabric. How fun to wear them as wrist warmers.

  5. Lucky girl! A nice reward for helping mama tidy up. :)


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