Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekending :: Low winter sun

Weekending, my favorite part of the week. A time to relax, live, love, just to be.
Joining with Amanda.

The last rays this year

The sun is very low now and soon we will start our polar nights here in the north. If you don't know what polar nights are like - Imagine nights that last 20 hours, and weeks without seeing the sun. That is real life in large areas of Northern Norway. Here the sun remains under the horizon for about 6 weeks.
Even though the sun remains below the horizon, Northern Norway is not blacked out completely. On clear days, we can see beautiful sunset colours in the south while the sky to the north is a deep midnight blue. Around 1–2 o’clock in the afternoon, the residual light is reflected off the blue sea and the white snow, and the landscape is bathed in a glassy deep blue colour. This wonderful blue stays with us as long as the snow covers the ground and there is twilight. However, the blue hour occurs a few minutes later every day during winter, as the sun gains strenght.
That's why many people who live in the north think that this is the finest time of the year, with fantastic skyscapes and magical lights.

Here's some photos of a sunset from december last year.
Hopefully I'll be able to capture some great ones in the weeks to come.


So while we enjoyed the last bit of sun this year we kept warm around the fire.


And a few hours later I could snuggle up in the sofa with my knitting while Hubby made dinner - moose stew.
The weekend has also filled with...
Eirin finished a hat for herself - so proud of her :)
Taco's and chocolate cake.
Loads on laundry - smelling of fresh winter air.
Feeding the birds.
To much time spent of Ravelry planning winter knits for the kids.
Christmas gift knitting.

How's your weekend been?


  1. those skyscapes do sound amazing! i'll be looking forward to photos :)

  2. What beautiful scenery! I clicked over to the link of last year's sunsets & they are gorgeous! Sounds like a relaxing weekend & I love the knitting I see in that last picture! And the tea mug too!!

  3. what colors!!! gorgeous!!! love the black and white knitting! your colorwork is always so inspiring.

  4. wow. 6 weeks of little sunlight. that is intense. beautiful photos. <3

  5. Lovely skies and staying inside by a fire sounds heave

  6. The sky photo was amazing. All of the pics here represent coziness.

  7. I admire your enthusiasm for the upcoming weeks of low light. I lived in northern British Columbia for several years, and I found it hard to cope with the lack of light. That's awesome that Eirin finished her first hat!

  8. Your photos are always beautiful. I'll be in Snåsa in January.... for a few days. Hope to see some mid-winter vistas.

  9. What beautiful photos! Looking forward to seeing more of them; it seems you live in a very special place.


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