Wednesday, October 15, 2014

On The Needles :: Elephant Socks

What are you knitting and reading this week?
Joining Ginny and Nicole

Knitting: I love colourwork knitting and felt the urge to knit some. This pattern has been in my queue forever, but I've never found the time to cast them on... But they are so fun to knit and the rows just seem to fly away, so they will be done and off the needles in no time. Not sure if I'll keep them or if they will be a christmas gift yet...

Reading: I really like historical fiction. And here in Norway pocket series in that genre is big business. You can walk into a grocery store and there will be over 20 or more different series to choose from on the shelf. They usually come out with a new book in the series each month or so. Bente Pedersen is one of my favourite authors in this genre, and she has a new series out now called Trollkvinne, or Which in english. It's from Finnmark (our most northern county) in the year 1661 and the witch trials has come to these parts of Norway. The first book - Magdalena is good, but I hope it will get better. The second book came in the mail today and will be read soon.
But first I'll have to read this

Råta - the sequel to Odinsbarn in The Ravneringene series by Siri Pettersen. It is a amazing fantasy series!! And I hope it will br translated to english (or other languages) so the rest of you fantasy lovers can read it!


  1. wow what a wonderful pattern, great colours you've chosen for it too

  2. Those socks are amazing. I wish I was better at colorwork, something I hope to attempt more of this winter.

  3. Wow! What an ambitious project. It looks great!!

  4. Your socks are amazing- I'd be very tempted to keep them for myself :)

  5. These socks are GORGEOUS! I definitely need a pair for myself - maybe after my Christmas knitting is done. :) Thank you for sharing!

  6. They are stunning, I really like those and would definitely keep them for myself!

  7. Your work is gorgeous. I love the colours you chose.

  8. What a pattern. Color work is so fun.


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