Monday, January 4, 2016

Sometimes You Have To Frog...


So this happend to day... and all that is left are two balls of yarn.
These mittens have been in time out the last couple of weeks, while I was deciding if I should frog them or not.


They are the norwgian verison of the How cold is it mittens, and I think both of them are really cool. Here is a link to the norwegian pattern Kaldt som faen.

They fit perfectly around the hand, but I got a feeling they would turn out to be too long after a while.
Here I am about to start the decreasing and they already almost covers all my fingertips, so they would have been way too long. I know I will knit them again. I just need to shorten the pattern a bit.


  1. Sorry you have to frog but you're such a productive knitter, you'll catch up in no time.

  2. Brave decision, but sometimes it's so liberating, isn't it? It's a good thing half the joy of knitting is the process of it!


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