Sunday, June 4, 2017

Loppa :: Flea Cardigan


I have had the pattern for the Loppa cardigan in my queue for quite some time. So when I saw that Skeindeer and Voolenvine was going to have a kal for it I knew it was time to cast it on. I decided not to buy new yarn for it as I want to knit down my stash. I had some grey and pink Tove from my Setesdalkofte I knitted earlier this year so I'm hoping it will be enough grey for the main colour. I am going to knit the sleeves first and what is left will be the body. I don't mind if it will turn out to be a short kofte. And with some Ask and some other unknown wool from my stash for the fleas and the yoke I think this will be a warm and cozy kofte :)


  1. Hello...this is making me think of my Mother who passed away 5 years ago. You never saw her without a knitting project in her hands...Michelle

  2. beautiful! love all the colors :)


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