Thursday, February 4, 2010

Matryoshka vest

Matryoshka vest

The vest is finally off the needles. A fun knit, but a little boring with all the grey - Eirin would not have stripes on the back, so it's grey too. I knitted the neckband this morning, so it was finished when she came home from school. And she's still wearing it - which is the best praise I can get ;)
The only thing I "don't like" is that knitted in this size, the doll get so small... So it might have been as cute as the baby size if knitted in a thicker yarn. Just a thought.

Pattern: Dolly Mixture vest from Just Jussi.
Yarn: 175 g grey Viking of Norway Baby Ull and leftovers.
Needles: 3 mm.
Size: 8 years.


  1. You are a super fast knitter! I can't believe you finished already.It looks great, I think the doll is perfectly sized. This way it doesn't take over the whole vest.

  2. I love the vest- but mostly I love how happy she looks in it! I would be thrilled to have my very own!

  3. Adorable vest! Looks like she loves it as well.


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