Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sun and elks ;)

The sun is back.

The sun is finally back, but we only see the sunset here. It will take another week or so before she'll climb over the mountain top so we can see the sunrise too...

Elk calf

We've had to elk calves and their mother wandering around our house a few days now. More pictures here :)


  1. How fun to see wildlife. We live in the country too, but we mostly see horses and cows. On a lucky day we'll spot a herd of Antelope and we do have quite a few eagles and hawks in the area.

  2. The elk are beautiful! I'm so glad you're seeing the sun! I bet you can't wait to see it rise and set in the same day again!

  3. You have baby Moose! Elk have a white tail and butt with dark fur around their neck. Do you call them elk there? Check out YouTube's video's of elk and you will see what I mean. Elk don't have that huge hump on their shoulders or that long of legs either. Very Cute pictures!!!

  4. Ok, went and checked it out...your elk look nothing like our elk here in North America. Your moose look like our moose though. Your elk look alot like our moose also LOL! How cool! Well, I've learned my "something new" for the day. Thank you so much for the pictures!! If you have some of adult Elk I want to see them!

  5. Yes, it's a bit confusing ;)
    I had to check it up at wikipedia - and I've never heard about your kind of elk - looks like a deer...

    But it's a European Elk (Alces alces), also known as Moose.

  6. What a beautiful picture of the elk! We have tule elk around here but I have never seen one in the wild.

  7. I love how they look like they have white stockings on! Wildlife always make it fun to look out our windows in the winter.

    Here is what our elk look like. http://sweetgrace.typepad.com/the_inadvertent_farmer/2009/03/weeder-elk.html.html

    Thanks so much for visiting...I'm going to go take a peek around your blog! Kim


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