Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I didn't plan to take a blog break, but it just happend and it have felt good with a couple of weeks not blogging or reading other blogs. (I'm trying not to think about all the blog post waiting for my in my reader though...) So what have I've been doing? Well, there have been knitting :), we've enjoyed fall and all it's great things and hubby and I got married on October 1st :) We had a small wedding with just the closest family for dinner. I guess it was about time after 12 years being engaged ;)

Anyway, the first snowfall came yesterday, and I managed to knit up a vest for Eirin just in time :) Sorry about the greyish pictures, but the light is not great at 7:25 am - I had to capture a few pictures before the schoolbus came ;)

Marius vest

And as you can see, it dosn't take much snow to make a snowman ;)

Marius vest

Pattern: Tunika med rund sal by Unn Søiland Dale from  the booklet Sandnes Til Fjells 0913 Barn/Voksne.
Yarn: Viking of Norway Baby Ull. About 150 g dark grey, 50 g white and a little bit of pink.
Needles: 2,5 mm & 3 mm.
Size: 8 years.

Marius vest

A close up of the pattern. There is a women sized version too which I really want to knit for myself.

New socks for Hubby!

This green yarn called my name at the local yarn shop a while ago, and they ended up as a pair of socks for hubby.
Pattern: 64 st, toe-up, short-row heel. A small rib just above the heel and a rib cuff.
Yarn: Drops Fabel #542.
Needles: 2,5 mm.

The weather changes so fast from day to day...

And you can see why Fall is my favourite season - the weather and the colour changes so fast. One day we had temperatures down at -6 C, which made a beautiful frosting on everything. And after the first storm all the leaves were gone and the only colour left was all the rowan berries.


  1. Wait, you got married?! Pictures!!! Congratulations!!! I LOVE the knits. The scenery is beyond gorgeous! Have a great week!

  2. Hurra hurra! Gratulerer så mye med bryllup :) Kjekt å ha deg tilbake i bloggverdnen igjen!

  3. Congratulations on getting married!!! That's great news! Wishing you and husband all the best for the future!
    I can't believe that you have snow already, we had our first frost here this morning, then a day with temperatures up to 18 degrees and bright sun.
    I love the knits too, that pattern is very enticing,
    i just gotta finish what I'm doing though and stop thinking of the next thing...
    nice to have you back online!
    lovely frost photos...

  4. Now see, that much snow would pretty much shut down my city. Schools would close, businesses lock up early ...

  5. Congratulations on your wedding!

    (Love Eirin's vest too!)

  6. Gratulerer med giftemålet! Nydelig Mariustunika, fint med rosa på toppen :)

  7. Gratulerer med giftermålet!

    Likte den vesten til Eirin- sånn en kunne jeg tenkt meg selv også!

    Vi har vært sørpå på høstferie, så det er ikke før idag jeg har vært innpå og lest blogger...Her regner det trollkjerringer, og på toppene kom det snø! Det er litt i tidligste laget for meg...

  8. Gratulere!! What a surprise you had for us!! And the yoke on Eirin's pullover is wonderful! I should be so inspired... Thanks for blogging!


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