Friday, October 29, 2010

Feeding the birds

Willow Tit & Great Tit

During winter we feed the birds with sunflower seeds, nuts and balls of tallow mixed with seeds and nuts.
Usually we just have willow tits and great tits to look at.

European Greenfinch

And some flocks of Greenfinchs now and then.

Eurasian Jay

But the last couple of weeks we've had this guy (or girl) lurking around gathering seeds that the other birds keep dropping to the ground. I had to look him up in a birdbook and he's a Eurasian Jay. He's very shy and in the beginning he flew away by the smalles sound or if a car drove by. Now he's more brave and can stay for a while. Endre and I tossed out some bread for him today, and after a while he took it and flew away.

Great Tits

Great tits (just love the name *lol*) and some tallow balls.

More birds :) I'm knitting a pair of mittens for Eirin. I'm knitting them on 2 mm needles, but they got a bit narrow, so I think'll frog it and knit on 2,25 mm or 2,5 mm needles instead.


  1. I absolutely LOVE birds! The ones you got pictures of are especially cute! Love the snow on the ground. We've been getting it here the last few days. The kids think it's great!

  2. Tits and balls.....hehehe...jaja. Flotte votter, artig med slike mønster. Je strikker alltid votter med 0.5 tjukkere pinne enn oppskrifta. Men je strikker ofte litt strammere enn je skal da.. God hælj!


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