Saturday, October 23, 2010

Skull mittens

A cool boy needs a pair of cool mittens, don't you think?
I know I found this pattern on Ravelry some time ago, but I can't find it now... I've searched for it, but no mittens that looks the same cames up :( 
So if anyone know where to find the pattern, which was free, please let me know. The pattern is very similar to helylle's mittens. and I have made the thumbs like the one on this pair. In the one I have, there was a cross on the thumbs instead of small skulls.

Pattern: If only I knew where I found them, I could tell you...
Yarn: 29 g black, 20 g white and 11 g red. I've knitted these in babyull (babywool).
Needles: 2 mm. I might have knitted them on 2,25 or even 2,5 mm, because they fit Erlend perfect, but I guess they will shrink a bit as they get played with in the snow...


  1. And with the snow you already had those mittens will be used right away. And it's indeed a cool pattern :)

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  3. Kjempetøffe votter. Synd du ikke finner ut hvor du har mønsteret fra... Kunne tenkt meg å strikke de. Perfekt julegave! En koselig blogg du har.

  4. LOVE them! Will would go crazy. Maybe I should get busy ;).

  5. Check this site out. They have a cute pair just scoll down

  6. Thank you for the link, Lupie!
    I've made a pair of those years ago ;)

  7. Those mittens are great! Perfect knit for a little boy :)

  8. Oh, my boys would love these mittens.
    If you find the pattern, please let me know.

  9. Überkule votter!! Disse hadde 5-åringen min elsket. tror kanskje jeg må se på bildene dine og telle litt, siden oppskrifta er weck gewesen. Får jeg lov?


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