Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brrrr, it's cold outside!


We've had some cold days lately with temperatures down to -20 C. The snow squeaks under your shoes, the skies has some wonderful colours blue, purple and pink and the ice on the lake is making cool sounds :)
And we've gotten our own frost forest in the window in the hall up to our loft.

Sledding - They don't care about the cold. It's -18 C out tonight.

The kids don't care about the cold though. Right now Erlend and Eirin are out sledding :)
(Bad picture I now, but taking good pictures in the dark is something I yet have to learn...)

It's cold with -20 C here now.

Anyway, I'm just glad we had some snow before this cold came. So hopefully it will stay to prevent the water from freezing this winter. I'm so not going through a winter without water again!
And as some of you know, I'm not very fond of pictures of myself. But I've knitted a cowl and it must be shared ;) It's made of a soft and chunky yarn in a great colour. I actually had enough yarn for two, so someone might get it as a gift :)

Pattern: None I just casted on around 50 st and knitted until it was long enough ;)
Yarn: 200 g of some yarn I got in a swap years ago. I think it's chinese.
Needles: 8 mm.


  1. ar where you live is so beautiful and loving the knitt wear was hoping that you could check out my blog (even if your not into fashion) thank you

  2. looks like a cozy cowl to keep you warm; -20? that is very cold. i don't know if i could get used to that - it never gets that cold around here, although some nice frosty weather is good sometimes.

  3. oh you are making me sooooo cold! it's been raining none stop for the past 5 days here, causing lots of flooding! Hope your stove is keeping you warm.

  4. Jeg sier bare brrr og hiver enda en pinne i ovnen. Godt man har gode strikkeplagg å ta på!

  5. Nydelige frostroser!

    Vi hadde -8 igår- og det er kaldt her ute ved kysten! Installerte varmekabel i vannledningen i høst, så jeg håper vi ikke får samme problem som ifjor!

    Halsen så god ut- lurt med sånn som kan trekkes opp over ører og nese!
    Ha en flott helg:-)

  6. Her i norvest New Mexico er det også blitt vinter. Venter -6ºC i natt. Dine strikkeplager er vel verdt tiden!


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