Tuesday, November 23, 2010

His & Hers


I'm knitting some gifts this year, and two of them are off the needles. It's two pairs of fingerless mitts for my brother and sister in law.
Pattern: His - just a pair of simple fingerless mitts, k2,p1 ribbing. Hers - Cupcake Mittlets.
Yarn: His - 56g Mor Aase superwash. Hers - 30g Mam'sell.
Needles: 3 mm for both.

You know it's just a week until the advents calendar starts :)
This year the boys are getting a Lego calendar each and Eirin a Littlest pet shop calendar. I think they will have fun finding a little toy each day. But we're also ging to have our "activity advent calendar". So I'm joining 25 days of Christmas this year too (well it's just 24 days here in Norway though...) and Merete's blogging through December. I might try to blog about her words this year, if I find the time ;)

And if you need inspirations for Christmas, do have a look here! So many pretty things!!


  1. Your fingerless mitts look great! Your kids calendars sound wonderful, we only have chocolate ones here.

  2. I love the mitts! Those calendars look adorable! I won't be showing those to my kids for fear they would fall in love with them and we wouldn't be able to find them here ;). Looks like you're enjoying winter. We just got hit with a HUGE blizzard tonight so we'll see what damage has been done by morning. I love a good snow storm!

  3. I am so late in knitting gifts....I am making a calendar this year,not sure how it will turn out though :)

  4. Oh those mitts are great! I think I'm going to be doing some mitts as gifts this year, easy but effective!

  5. Wow soo much to comment on. 1st great socks, lovely colours and too pretty to hide in stinky shoes. 2nd I love fingerless gloves! 3rdly Just love the mitts drying over camp fire. The kids were adorable playing in the snow.


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