Sunday, November 7, 2010

Soon it's goodbye to the sun & Bird mittens

Soon it's goodbye to the sun...

The days are getting shorter and shorter around here now. The sun is low on the horizon and it starts to get dark around 3pm. It's snowing outside now, so hopefully the snow will stay this time. It makes it so much lighter if we have snow these dark months we have ahead of us.

Bird mittens

I've been knitting mittens for Eirin. I had to rip the first one because it got to small. So I changed from 2 mm to 2,5 mm. And then they turned out just perfect.

Pattern: Bird mitten.
Yarn: 51 g total. Some unknown black from my stash and yellow nagano #316.
Needles: 2 mm for the rib and 2,5 mm for the mitten itself.


  1. We changed our clocks back an hour this weekend, and I was feeling bad because it will be dark at 5 now. You have put it in perspective for me :-)

    Lovely mittens!

  2. Så fine!!!
    Rett og slett skjønt mønster.
    Håper også på at snøen ligger litt. Det lyser veldig opp :)

  3. Det er en av de svært få tingene jeg IKKE savner fra Norge, må jeg si! Men det er jo litt koselig og da!

  4. Those mittens are GORGEOUS!! I wish... I wish... I could just knit mittens... All of those beautiful designs... ahhhh...


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