Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Flickr Favourites

Friday Flickr Favourites

1. Three bags full, 2. simply pretty, 3. it's fall : let's go & pick mushrooms in the woods, 4. My sweater Shetland from Jamieson's., 5. "Keep calm and carry on" the kitchen of Apartment 44., 6. Milking Stool, 7. Ivory, 8. Birthday present
9. finished! granny square blanket, 10. "heart felt" mittens, adult size , 11. Taft, 12. <3
13. two more pictures of ooooo, 14. the bearable lightness of morning, 15. Lavender sachets, 16. clive OWEN ornament


  1. love all the photos, lovely images there, like also the cookies from an earlier post and I was curious to read about your reuse of the 3 sweater from april 2007, the sweaters that became bags and the pirate sweater that became a cushion! well done!
    I am still knitting the same baby blanket as in August, still reading the same novel as in August and avoiding baking when I can, as my daughters bake, but I get to do the cleanup:-((( and putting photos on my blog is too much work right now, i can hardly get the camera charged!
    so well done on doing so much!
    liz in Ireland, who has been reading about Troms on Wikipedia, you sure are far north!

  2. Like Anne of Green Gables would say "we're kindred spirits". The reason I say this is because it is lovely to see another who also likes to knit, cook, read and loves their family. I really enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. Your photos are absolutely amazing, what's your secret to taking fabulous pictures. I want to know for I can take better pictures.

  4. I always love your flickr favorites. I CANNOT believe how cold it looks there! I know that's coming our way soon. I so hope your water doesn't freeze this year.


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