Friday, December 3, 2010

December :: inne {3} inside


Today the word is inne {3} inside. And we've spent much of the last days inside due to bad weather... It's been raining like crazy the last two days. Making almost all the snow gone and the roads very slippery. Eirin was hoping for ice to skate on, but we had to sand all the ice outside the house so we could manage to walk.

So the days have been spent drying wet clothes over the stove (the kids have been like two pairs of drowned cats when they've come home from school), knitting, drinking tea and watching the Adventcalendar on tv. This year it's a show called Jul på Månetoppen (Christmas at Moontop). It's about the red "nisser" that lives at the farm and the blue "nisser" that lives in the mountain Blåfjell (Bluemountain).

The nisse mom are knitting on a hat that the nisse girl is going to get when she has passed the "long hat test" on the 23rd of December (if I'm not wrong). To pass the test she has to make one nisse joy and one nisse trick each day  :)

Monsterpants ;)

With the bad weather I've managed to finish this monster pants for a friend. Endre is the model, and I really need to knit him a new pair too since the one he have starts to get a bit short...
Pattern: This time I've used Monsterbukser by Du bedåre.
Yarn: 275 g Mor Aase
Needles: 2,5 and 3 mm
Size: 4-5 years

Here is more post about todays word :)


  1. fine lysestaker med koselig lys, - og jul i blåfjell og nissejenta er gode serier som jeg gjerne ser med unger i huset. ullebukser er en nødvendighet i disse kalde dager. lurer på om jeg må strikke på en ny til et barnebarn? får sjekke i ettermiddag :-)
    fiin lørdag til deg og dine!

  2. I am really enjoying your blog! Beautiful knitting!

  3. Those monster pants are so creative!

    BTW, I love your blog layout!


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